Probus Club of Perth
Privacy Policy

The Probus Club of Perth is a social organization which is chartered under the auspices of Probus Canada. The Club holds monthly meetings from September through June of each year and conducts various local outings for the benefit of its membership.

Memberships are renewed each year in September at which time certain information is recorded for each member.  This information is used solely for club purposes which are specifically identified in this Policy.

(1) e-mail information is used to distribute the monthly newsletter to those members who have opted to receive it by this means.  The Club President’s e-mail is exhibited on the monthly newsletter to facilitate public contact with the club.  The email list is held by the Membership Director and the Webmaster. It is only used to distribute newsletter announcements and other announcements of interest to Probus members, such as reminder notices and news about Club activities, or to contact members about Probus Activities or other business.

(2) Name, Address, phone number, and year joined data is recorded for each member. This information is compiled into a list which is distributed to all members in December or January of each year. This information may be used by the management committee to facilitate special events and by the membership at large to help them keep in touch with one another.  Address information is also used to mail Newsletters to those members who have opted for this means of delivery.  Phone numbers for the management committee are displayed on the website to facilitate membership contact with committee members.

The email list  and the Membership telephone and address co-ordinates are never to be released for any purposes, except to other Board Members, other than those identified above. 

Any member who wishes to have their information removed from the uses outlined above may do so by submitting a request to the Membership director at any time.

Note 1: This policy was ratified by members at the meeting on October 13, 2010 . Amendments in red were approved by Members at the meeting on April 2, 2014