~ March 2009 Edition
~ This edition written by Orion Clark~


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Next month, on April 1st, Rudi Lepp will speak to us on Nuclear Energy and its potential role in our future. Rudi has been extensively involved in the nuclear industry including research on Slowpoke-3 Nuclear Heating Reactor. No doubt we will have many questions regarding the future of nuclear energy and the environment, having lived through the startup of the 1st nuclear CANDU unit at Pickering in 1972 to the start of the Nuclear Recovery Program which was initiated in 1997 when 7 units were taken out of service and the focus turned to maintenance on the remaining 12 units.

Vignettes from the March Meeting

Helen Black thanks guest speaker Heather Perkins-McVey
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Heather, as a criminal defense lawyer, has been involved in many cases dealing with taxation, international criminal law and in particular, law relating to mental health issues. Her commitment to her profession extends to her activity and leadership in past and present executive positions with the Bar Association and other bodies, as well as an instructor for the Ontario Bar Admission Course.

She pointed out, while mental health problems affect 20% of Canadians, the access to support and services to deal with this ‘invisible illness’ is limited and extremely underfunded. People with mental illness are not more prone to violence; in fact, they are more often the victims of violence. While the Adult Mental Health Court was established in February, 2007; the Youth Mental Health Court is a vehicle which was spearheaded by Heather. The assessment of the fact that the person did not have the mental intent to commit the act is necessary in order that the court can order and supervise treatment. The judge, forensic psychiatrist and mental health workers work as a team to provide hope to these individuals.

Heather’s leadership and inspirational dedication to mental health has resulted in her nomination as the 2009 recipient of the ‘Inspirational Award for Mental Health Research and Patient Care’. She challenged her audience to advocate for more funding for dealing with mental health as well as educating community service workers ( teachers, law enforcement …..) on how to recognize early signs of mental illness. Start your education by visiting: Canadian Psychiatric Association at www.cpa-apc.org and the Canadian Mental Health Foundation at www.mentalhealthfoundation.on.ca. Heather invited further questions via her email address: Perkins-McVey@sympatico.ca.

In Honour of St. Paddy
Father O'Malley answers the phone. 'Hello, is this Father O'Malley?'........'It is!'
'This is the Tax Dept. Can you help us?'........'I can!'
'Do you know a Ted Houlihan?'........'I do!'
'Is he a member of your congregation?'........'He is!'
'Did he donate $10,000 to the church?'........'He will.'

Speakers' Corner
  • April ~ Rudi Lepp will speak on nuclear energy and its possible role in our future;
  • May ~ Frank Roy, whose topic will be "Darts to Arrows: a celebration of the 100th anniversary of powered flight";
  • June ~ Marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied Invasion of Europe, Peter Craske will talk about his experiences flying with the RAF in support of the D Day Landings.
  • A great line-up for the fall is already taking shape including Dennis Dwyer in October, “Will There be a Church for Our Great Grandchildren?”.

Special Events

  • April 15, 2009 ~ Keith is planning a trip to the RCAF Memorial Museum in Trenton. Details will be finalized once interest in the trip is established. Please let Keith know if you are interested in participating.
  • May 27, 2009 is the date chosen for our outing to the Gananoque Playhouse, to see the show, "Forever Plaid".
  • June 15, 2009 ~ Golf Tournament to be organized again by Glen Pettinger.
Guests and members of other Probus Clubs are welcome to join our special events. If you have an idea for an activity you think other Probus members might enjoy, please talk to Denise or one of the other members of the Management Team. We are always looking for new and creative ideas, as well as people to take the lead in organizing events.

Self Introduction ~ David Bachelor

David, born in South England, was educated in London England in an Electronics and Computer Science program. His work experience involved moving to Halifax, Toronto and Orangeville as well as extensive traveling to many locations where ‘computer security’ work was involved. His last move to Oakville allowed him to become more active in the local Rotary Club, a passion that he continues to pursue along with Stamp Collecting. His ‘glider pilot’ days still remain a lasting memory.

Management Team Notes
  • "Spring Fling 09", the regional get-together, will be hosted by the Alta Vista Club at the Hellenic Centre on Alta Vista Drive on May 26, with lunch being served at 11:30. Cost will be $28 each. Registration closes May 1 st. The Perth Club will host the event in 2012.
  • Personal Profile for April will be given by David Crowley.
  • Please give serious consideration to volunteering for a management team position for 2009-2010. The Nominating Committee will be comprised of the President, Past President and one other member in good standing ( Bruce Gourley).
    The Final Word

    Problems with the Probus portable microphone are being experienced because only one plug at the front of the room works. The Legion has been apprised of the situation. Hopefully this can soon be remedied.
    Probus Perth website: www.probusperth.ca