~ May 2010 Edition
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Probus Perth lost two long-standing members last month, and our May meeting began with short tributes. Glen Pettinger spoke of Jaffrey Wilkins’ full and interesting life, and Ian Doig spoke of Peter Code’s many contributions to Probus and to life in the Perth community.

The June 2nd Probus meeting will feature a talk by Jim Gilpin concerning his experiences flying with the Canadian and British Royal Air Force 100 Bomber Group out of Britain during World War II. His group conducted a very extensive program of counter intelligence against the enemy, one aspect of which was to protect the Bombers against enemy fighter planes by electronic means. Jim will also talk about his work with Defense Research Board and its contribution to the war effort.

As another Probus season wraps up, we face some vacancies on the Management Team. Dan Murphy has agreed to stand as candidate for Vice President, but we still need a Newsletter Editor. If you can help in this regard, please speak to Bruce Gourley or Ernie Trischuk. The usual call for ten monthly Contributing Editors will be made at the June meeting, so be prepared to volunteer for one session of easy note-taking. As well, if you would be willing to take on the organization of a special event next year or wish to suggest an event, please speak to Mary Kilgour or Glen Pettinger.

Don't forget the trip to Gananoque on May 27th and the Annual Golf Tournament, Book Exchange and Dinner on June 21st. See Special Events for more information.

Life on the Battlefield with the Redcoats
               By Carol Trischuk

Graham Lindsey marches in the 'new recruits'.
In honour of the annual Perth Regional Heritage Fair which coincided with our May meeting, we welcomed father and son military re-enactors Keith and Graham Lindsey. While both appeared in the uniforms of British military personnel, Keith represented a Corporal of the Canadian Fencibles circa 1812, while Graham represented a member of the Loyalist Fife and Drum Corp circa 1776. Both of these re-enactment groups participated in the Perth 175th Cemetery Re-dedication Weekend last year.

Keith Lindsey demonstrated the items of apparel of which his uniform consisted, as well as the various layers of equipment carried by each man. In addition to the musket itself, soldiers carried a cartridge belt, bayonet, personal effects haversack and a water canteen.

Battlefield contin.... p2

~ Battlefield Continued

An experienced rifleman requires 20 – 25 seconds to reload the musket after every shot, and Keith demonstrated his skill while son Graham held the stopwatch.

Graham put his musical talent to good use throughout the presentation, first by marching in several PDCI history students who had been invited to enjoy this presentation with us, and later in the program, to illustrate how fifes, drums and bugles were used to convey orders through the encampments, as well as to rouse the troops to battle. He gave us a delightful rendition of Washington’s Artillery March on the fife, and then played the more limited bugle accompaniment of the same piece separately (difficult for one musician to play them simultaneously!). The bugle’s limited range confines it primarily to short salutes (Taps, Reveille, etc.) and to staging commands. Graham also described the construction and tuning of his drum, with a single piece of cord holding it all together.

An animated Q and A session followed the presentation, and continued into the Legion parking lot.

Speakers' Corner
  • June - Jim Gilpin on his experiences in World War II.
  • September - David Batchelor on the Guatemalan Eye Clinic ~ a post project report.
  • October - Ottawa University Professor Walter Baker on his walking tour from Lands End in Cornwall to North Eastern Scotland.

Management Team Notes
  • The decision taken at the May Management Meeting concerning fasteners for name tags is that those wishing to have magnetic fasteners should give their tags, plus $2, to Jean Crowley at the June meeting, and she will have them converted before the September meeting.
  • Many thanks to Carol and Ernie Trischuk for their contributions to this edition. The best part is that they have offered to do it once again for our Summer edition. We will be asking for contributing editors for next year's editions at the June meeting, so please think about volunteering your prose.
  • We are considering asking members to "sign in" their guests before the meeting and having the President introduce them. More at the June meeting.

Wonder what is playing in Perth? Go to:

Special Events

  • May 27, 2010 ~ Trip to see "The 39 Steps" at 1,000 Island Playhouse in Gananoque. This is a matinee performance, with optional gourmet boxed lunch on the deck. Please plan to be there shortly before 1pm if you are having the box lunch. The "talk" by someone associated with the play is scheduled for 1 pm. If you are eating at a restaurant or other - please plan to be at the theatre by 2 pm so that we can give you your tickets. The show starts at 2:30. Fifty of our members have signed up for this event, and we have learned that another Probus club is also attending this performance, so it will definitely be ‘Probus Day at the Playhouse’!
  • June 21, 2010 ~ Annual Golf Tournament, Book Exchange and Dinner organized once again by Glen Pettinger by popular demand. Every one who attends, players and eaters, will be asked to bring a cherished favourite book (slightly used paperbacks are fine) for the Prize Table. Tee off at 3 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. Green fees for non-members of the Perth Golf Club are $18 and dinner (chicken or roast pork) is $27 per person, incl. tax and tip. Please bring your cheques to the June meeting. Diners are not required to have played golf.
  • Fall 2010 ~ Events Coordinator Mary Kilgour is looking into the possibility of a Rideau Canal cruise during the peak of ‘leaf season’. More on this at the June meeting.

New member Barb Hewitt welcomed by Pres. Bruce Gourley and Co-Membership Coordinator David Crowley