~ September 2008 Edition
Probus meets the first Wednesday of each month, September to June.


P. O. Box 2164,
Perth, Ontario
K7H 3M9

Ernie Trischuk

Past President
Helen Black

Vice President
Bruce Gourley
613-283- 5967

Sheila Clark

Don Sherwin

Ian Doig
and Glen Pettinger

Special Events
Denise Mullins

Rod Woolham

Member at Large
Keith Brown

Bill & Kathleen Lea

Colin Stephenson

This edition of the Probian has been inspired by two seemingly disparate events: one, the dearth of volunteers to assume the daunting mantle of Newsletter Editor; and two, the statement by Hillary Clinton in her June concession speech that "every minute wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward". In a sense, we may have been spoiled by the excellence of the newsletters crafted by Jeanne Nugent and Carol Trischuk, among others, before her. They have devoted countless hours to recording the events that took place at each meeting, to telling us what lay ahead and to setting it all out so professionally. When the bar is set so high it is challenging to have people volunteer willingly to leap over it. So the idea is to simplify the newsletter to make it easier to produce on a monthly basis. Inspired by Hillary, we will concentrate on publicizing future meetings and events, as well as tidbits from the Management Team meetings and occasionally some vignettes of interest from our members. The idea is to encourage greater participation at events and meetings and to scale back the reportage of past meetings, since (if we are successful) there will be fewer members who are not there. We are also hoping to attract several people who would be willing to function as a Newsletter team. By simplifying, focusing on the future, lowering the daunting level of the bar and spreading the load, we will continue to produce monthly editions of the Probian.
Vignettes from the September Meeting

Helen Black handing over the gavel
to Ernie Trischuk

September Speaker Nancy Scarth
flanked by her husband and Fred Lepine

During the AGM portion of the September meeting, the new management team (see the column to the left) was voted in and the financial report for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2008 was accepted. Outgoing President, Helen Black, thanked the Management Team for their contribution, with a particular thank you to those stepping off the Team. Helen noted that the past year was a year for firsts, including: the first snowed-out meeting, the first rained-out golf tournament, the first time golfers were asked to bring their own prizes and the first time that the Christmas party included participants who had just tied the knot. There was general agreement that the year had been a successful one. The speaker, Nancy Scarth, gave a very interesting talk and slide presentation of her travels in Siberia.

Speakers' Corner

Our program Coordinators, Ian Doig, (613-264-2707) and Glen Pettinger (613-264-9747) have lined up an interesting array of speakers for this fall and the new year. They welcome your suggestions for future topics and speakers .

  • In October, Harry Needham will speak on "A Tale of Six Grandfathers"
  • In November General Lewis McKenzie is scheduled to talk about his considerable experiences.
  • In December, The Men of the Tay will sing
  • In January, Heather Perkins-McVey will speak on the legal issues associated with health care
  • In February, John McKenty will talk about the life and times of the James Brothers
  • In June our own Peter Craske will talk about D-Day

Special Events
  • Wednesday, September 24: Wine Tour of Prince Edward County. Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled due to insufficient subscription.
  • Friday, October 24: Annual Octoberfest Party at the Golf Club. Come out and join us for a wonderful evening! Sign up with Denise at our October meeting.
  • Friday, December 12: Annual Christmas Dinner at the Golf Club! What a great way to begin the Christmas Season! Be sure to sign up early with Denise.
  • Gananoque theatre excursion - 3rd week in May, 2009
  • Golf Tournament (Glen Pettinger) - 3rd Monday in June, 2009

Members of other Probus Clubs are welcome to join our special events. If you have ideas for new events or trips, please talk to Denise Mullins (613-267-3479). Note: For all trips, the bus leaves from the Legion.

Probus Perth website: www.probusperth.ca
Management Team Notes
  • Memberships: Rod reports that we now have 143 members, including 12 new members.
  • Newsletter: Colin has agreed to act as Team Leader for the newsletter this year and will take responsibility for assembling and producing both website and paper versions. He is looking for several members to step forward to write one or two editions, based more or less on the template created by this edition. So Team Members will be responsible for content, but will not need to worry about format. Contributors will be invited to attend the Management Team meeting for the months they are in charge. If you would be willing to be on the Team, please call Colin at 264-2609 or by email at info@probusperth.ca.
  • Special Events: Denise would appreciate the help of one or two members to plan and carry out special events for the year. Members could elect to take responsibility for just one event.

New members Betty Taylor, Ellen and Jim Dean,
welcomed by Helen Black and Rod Woolham

The Final Word

If you have internet capability, but still receive the Probian by mail, please consider converting to the website version instead. Not only would this be more environmentally friendly, but you will also be able to see pictures in living colour. We will commit to letting you know via email when the latest Probian is available for viewing.

This month's Probian was written by Colin Stephenson. If you would like to contribute a short vignette for the newsletter, please send it to info@probusperth.ca or the postal address on page 1.