~ September 2010 Edition
~ Editor: Colin Stephenson ~
Next meeting ~ Wednesday October 13th


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Colin Stephenson

Annual General Meeting ~ No surprises here!
The AGM portion of the September meeting went off pretty much as expected, as AGM's are supposed to do. Treasurer Don Sherwin reported that the closing bank balance for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2010 was $2,131.88. He noted that revenues and expenditures were pretty much in balance with only a very slight drop in the bank balance year over year. Financial reviewer Don McNaughton, made the following statement on the state of the club's finances; "I have reviewed the Cash Receipts and Disbursement Journal of the Club, Bank Statements and supporting vouchers. All is in order and it is believed that this statement indicates completely and accurately the financial status of the Probus Club of Perth on July 31, 2010." He went on to compliment the Treasure by saying that he "could not find a penny out of place".

The slate of Directors proposed by the Nominating Committee was approved by the members, to no one's surprise. This was apparently to the immense relief of Chairperson Ernie Trischuk who admitted that he was not sure what he would do if there had been nominations from the floor. The new Management Team can be seen on the left hand side of this newsletter.

In a retrospective look at his term as President, Bruce Gourley referenced the highs and lows of the year now past. He thanked his Management Team, with particular reference to the members who may not have been quite so visible to members each month, but who have made a valuable contribution. His final act was to hand the gavel over to incoming President Mike Else, who presided over the remainder of the meeting.

The Successful Guatemala Eye Clinic Project

Probus Perth Component of Guatemala Team
David & Pat Batchelor, Barbara & Carl Whitehouse
Last January we heard from Carl Whitehouse about what he hoped the planned eye clinic project in Guatemala would achieve. At the September meeting David Batchelor and Carl Whitehouse reported their actual accomplishments. And it was an inspirational tale! With a team of 11 people from the area, only 3 of whom were professionally trained for their roles prior to the mission, they ascended the hills of Guatemala and set up a clinic where they would treat 478 patients in 6 days, dispense 240 pairs of glasses and refer 16 people on for advanced treatment. This year's project was a trial and since their "throughput" greatly exceeded their initial plan, it provided a clear indication that they would be able to treat many more patients next year ~ perhaps as many as 1,600 people.

The visual imagery of the countryside and the Mayan people displayed in their presentation were paradoxically both breathtaking and heart wrenching. How could people who live in such a beautiful but harsh environment, who have so little and who have experienced the ravages of nature in recent years, appear so cheerful?

David and Carl seemed justifiably proud of the accomplishments of the team, as well as with the Rotary Club and the community that supported their project. For the 11 members of the team, which also included Probians Pat Batchelor and Barbara Whitehouse, the project included numerous personal sacrifices. Each member paid $1,400 for the privilege of participating, gave up vacation time and endured long days and less than ideal conditions which included torrential rain, hail, fog and washed out roads. Judging by the enthusiasm and facial expressions of the presenters, the sacrifices were definitely worthwhile.

Speakers' Corner
  • October - Ottawa University Professor Walter Baker on his walking tour from Lands End in Cornwall to John o’Groats in North Eastern Scotland.
  • November - Brigadier General Dabros to talk about his experiences in Afghanistan.
  • December - Program Director Ian Doig is open to suggestions for a speaker or topic of a festive nature.

Management Team Notes
  • As one of his final acts at the last meeting, now Past President Bruce Gourley announced the proposed Privacy Policy for Probus Perth. He noted that members would be asked to vote on the policy at the October meeting. The policy was attached to the Summer Probian and is also available for your convenience on our website at www.probusperth.ca/documents/privacy_policy.htm.
  • The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 13th, due to repairs at the Legion scheduled for the first week of October.
  • On May 15, 2012 Probus Perth will be responsible for hosting Spring Fling ~ the annual luncheon meeting of Probus clubs from Eastern Ontario. The event will be held at Codes Mill. Organizers Helen Black and Dan Murphy are looking for volunteers to work in small teams to address such issues as theme, decor, prizes, parking, program, etc. As publicity must be sent to other clubs in early 2011, we need to get the teams up and running soon. Please contact Helen or Dan if you would be willing to help showcase Probus Perth and the Town.
  • The Management Team urges members who have not yet paid their fees for 2010-2011 to do so now. There was a renewal form attached to the Summer edition and one can also be found online at www.probusperth.ca/membership.htm. Please fill out this form and send it together with your cheque to Probus Box 20131, Perth, Ont., K7H 3M6.
  • David Farquharson is scheduled to give his personal profile at the October meeting
  • Dennis Dwyer is on deck as the Contributing Editor for the October Probian.
Goodbye to Wilf
New President Mike Else announced that there would be a special ceremony at the break in honour of Wilf Parry who is moving to Aurora to be closer to family. He reminded everyone that the idea of creating a Probus Club in Perth came from Wilf Parry after he had heard of a successful club operating in Collingwood. Wilf then went on to form the small group which founded Probus Perth in 1995. The picture show's Mike inviting Wilf to cut a cake bearing the inscription "Goodbye & God Bless, Wilf! Perth's Loss Aurora's Gain".

Special Events
  • October 7, 2010 ~ Probus Fall Colours Rideau Cruise cruise from Perth to Jones Falls has been booked for Thursday, October 7th. Although 54 people have already reserved, a few seats are still available and can be reserved by ensuring Mary Kilgour receives a cheque for $75 per person, which includes the round trip and lunch. You may send your cheque, payable to Probus Perth, to Mary Kilgour, 121 Juniper Dr. RR# 5, Perth K7H 3C7. Boarding is in Last Duel Park in Perth and the cruise will start at 9:30am and end in Jones Falls at 3:30pm, with a bus trip back to Perth. Mary advises that you must be on board by 9:15. If you are running late, please give Mary a call on her cell at 613-264-6244. You may be able to catch the boat at Lower Beveridge Locks in Port Elmsley.
  • December 9, 2010 ~ Christmas celebration at the Links of Tay Golf Club

If you have an idea for an activity you think other Probus members might enjoy, please talk to Mary Kilgour or Glen Pettinger.