~ Summer 2010 Edition
~ Contributing Editors: Carol & Ernie Trischuk ~


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Probus meets the first Wednesday of each month, Sept. to June.

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Mike Else

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Colin Stephenson

As summer begins to wane, thoughts turn expectantly to the new Probus season. Our first meeting will take place on the very first day of September at 10am. As usual, the September meeting of Probus Perth will include a short Annual General Meeting. This Probian contains three items of interest for discussion at the AGM: the slate of candidates who will stand for office in 2010-2011, the audited year-end financial statement and a proposed new Privacy Policy. For those not turned on by AGM business, the report by David Batchelor on the Guatemalan Eye Clinic project promises to be interesting. You can get a flavour of what he might say by going to the project blog at http://www.perthrotaryeyes.blogspot.com.

Last year’s program was very successful in that we had more special activities than ever before and most were well and enthusiastically attended. We hope to build on that success in the coming year and to incorporate the suggestions of members. If you would be willing to take on the organization of a special event next year or wish to suggest an event, please speak to Mary Kilgour or Glen Pettinger.

Protecting the Bombers Electronically During WW II
               By Carol Trischuk

Jim Gilpin
Probus welcomed Jim Gilpin to the June meeting. Jim served under Commander-in-Chief, Bomber Command, Arthur 'Bomber' Harris from 1942 to the end of the War. Newly developed electronic navigation aids such as radar guidance and the H2S air-borne mapping systems made night bombing raids possible, but signals from this equipment also exposed the bombers to enemy defenders. Jim piloted a Mark III Halifax filled with equipment the purpose of which was to provide electronic and other counter-measures to protect the accompanying Allied bombers from German detection and attack.

Jim flew many missions and, as he put it, ‘had some engagements with German guns’. On one occasion, having lost hydraulics and undercarriage, his aircraft belly-landed safely and was immediately bulldozed aside to make room for the following planes to land.

He told us he was stationed near Sanderingham, the Royal family’s preferred Christmas residence. His squadron received visits from the King, and from Churchill who shook hands with every airman.

Jim’s career following the War took him to the Defence Research Labs (DRB) at Shirley’s Bay near Ottawa. His projects included developing antidotes for nerve gas, submarine filtration units and ‘Bearclaws’ to assist helicopter landings on frigates and destroyers at sea. He retired from DRB in 1967, mainly, he says, due to Paul Hellyer’s unification of the three armed services.

Golf Tournament & Book Exchange
On Monday, 21 June, fifteen intrepid members of Probus set out on a beautiful day at the Perth Golf club to test their mettle against one another.  In the end, two teams emerged with identical scores of one over par - very commendable, considering the pressure of such an intensely sought-for prize - the Perth Claret Golf Device!!!  Unfortunately, one winner had to be determined and Ernie Trischuk's team of Irene Peterkin and Marg and John Barrie defeated Bob Black's team of Nancy Pettinger and Jeanne and Dale Nugent by retrogression, a method which apparently only the Tournament  Committee understands.  After an enjoyable dinner attended by thirty members,  prizes in the form of favoured books were exchanged.  From the level of noise generated by table conversation, it was apparent that everyone had a good time, even 'though the Voluntary Glee Club singalong was not part of this year's program.

Speakers' Corner
  • September - David Batchelor on the Guatemalan Eye Clinic ~ a post project report.
  • October - Ottawa University Professor Walter Baker on his walking tour from Lands End in Cornwall to John o’Groats in North Eastern Scotland.

Management Team Notes
  • The current Management Team has discussed a communication from Probus Canada which offered Probus clubs extended Directors and Officers liability coverage for office holders liability. The Team concluded that this would not be necessary for Probus Perth, in view of the relatively slight risk and the significant cost which would have to be passed along to members. Instead, the Team proposes to develop a standard waiver form for all activities. More information is available on our website by clicking here.
  • To avoid the fee payment line-ups that normally take place at that meeting, the Management Team is urging members to renew by mail. There is a renewal form attached to this edition. Please fill out this form and send it together with your cheque to Probus Box 20131, Perth, Ont., K7H 3M6.
  • Many thanks to Carol and Ernie Trischuk for their contributions to this edition. At the June meeting, 7 members put up their hands to volunteer as contributing editors for this year's editions, so we are covered up to an including the March edition. The final 3 editions (April, May and Summer 2011) are still up for grabs, if you would like to volunteer your prose.
Self-introduction ~ Geoffrey Richard Newman
Geoffrey was born in Montreal, the only child of Elsie (CAPE) and Edgar Newman. He was educated at various schools in the Montreal area, including the two-room school in Highlands in Lasalle, and Stanstead College, graduating in 1951.

He joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1952, serving in numerous ships and shore establishments on the east coast. He qualified as a naval aviator in 1954 and as a drone (remote controlled aircraft) pilot in 1957, both through US Navy programs. Geoffrey transferred from active regular service to the active reserves in late 1961. He served at HMCS Donnacona, in Montreal, including a period as Executive Officer, then retired six years later with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

After moving to Lachine, Geoffrey became a registered securities representative. In 1977, he launched Newman Financial Services (NFS), specializing in estate administration and financial counseling. He and his wife moved to Perth in 1992, reducing NFS business with intention of retiring. His hobbies include philately, postal history, gardening and now genealogy. He has exhibited stamp and postal history collections at national shows, and published numerous articles and one book on that topic.

Special Events
  • October 7, 2010 ~ Probus Fall Colours Rideau Cruise cruise from Perth to Jones Falls has been booked for Thursday, October 7th. Although 48 people have already reserved, additional seats are still available and can be reserved by ensuring Mary Kilgour receives a cheque for $75 per person, which includes the round trip and lunch. You may give Mary your cheque, payable to Probus Perth, at the September meeting or send it to her at 121 Juniper Dr. RR# 5, Perth K7H 3C7. Boarding time will be 9:15 in Last Duel Park in Perth and the cruise will start at 9:30am and end in Jones Falls at 3:30pm, with a bus trip back to Perth.

Slate of Directors for 2010-2011
    President - Mike Else
    Vice President - Dan Murphy
    Past president - Bruce Gourley
    Secretary - Sheila Clark
    Treasurer - Don Sherwin
    Membership - Jean & David Crowley
    Webmaster & Newsletter - Colin Stephenson
    Special Events - Glen Pettinger & Mary Kilgour
    Speakers - Ian Doig
    Facilities Manager - Geoffrey Newman

New member David Allcock seems happy to be a Probian, and President Bruce and Membership Co-chair David Crowley seem equally pleased to welcome him to the fold. Our membership now stands at 129 Perth Probians.



(include all members)


(Incl. postal code)







Proposed membership fees are $20 per person payable by Sept. meeting.
Amount enclosed:  $20 _____ or $40 _____
(if spouse is a member).

Members are encouraged to renew by mail to avoid line-ups at the September meeting.  
Click here for fillable version of this form
 Please type or print clearly, flagging any changes and return form and cheque to:
Probus Box 20131, Perth, Ont., K7H 3M6
Note: Your personal information will be protected in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.

Probus Club of Perth Privacy Policy

The Probus Club of Perth is a social organization which is chartered under the auspices of Probus Canada. The Club holds monthly meetings from September through June of each year and conducts various local outings for the benefit of its membership.

Memberships are renewed each year in September at which time certain information is recorded for each member. This information is used solely for club purposes which are specifically identified in this Policy.

    1. e-mail information is used to distribute the monthly newsletter to those members who have opted to receive it by this means. The Club President’s e-mail is exhibited on the monthly newsletter to facilitate public contact with the club. The email list is held by the Membership Director and the Webmaster. It is only used to distribute newsletter announcements and other announcements of interest to Probus members, such as reminder notices and news about Club activities.
    2. Name, Address, phone number, and year joined data is recorded for each member. This information is compiled into a list which is distributed to all members in December or January of each year. This information may be used by the management committee to facilitate special events and by the membership at large to help them keep in touch with one another. Address information is also used to mail Newsletters to those members who have opted for this means of delivery. Phone numbers for the management committee are displayed on the monthly newsletter to facilitate membership contact with committee members.
    The email list and the Membership telephone and address co-ordinates are never to be released for any purposes other than those identified above. Any member who wishes to have their information removed from the uses outlined above may do so by submitting a request to the Membership director at any time.


                                    Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements

                                       For Fiscal Year ending July 31, 2010


Bank Balance as of August 1, 2009












Membership Dues
















Bank Charges

$ 48.00



Legion Hall Rental




Name Tags and Pins




Office Supplies




Past President's Gift




Post Box Rental












Probus Centre Liability Insurance




Cenotaph Wreath








Share of projector screen for Legion Hall




Speakers' Honoraria and Lunches




Net loss, special events




(Xmas party, $263.65; Gan theatre, $9.90; steam train, golf $10.42 gain)




Total Expenditures: 







Bank Balance as of July 31, 2010







Donald F. Sherwin,


July 7, 2010








The  preceding Financial Report, has been reviewed by Don McNaughton, who has stated the following in his report as Financial Reviewer:

"I have reviewed the  Cash Receipts and Disbursement Journal of the Club,  Bank  Statements and supporting vouchers. All is in order and it is believed that this statement indicates completely and accurately the financial status  of the Probus Club of Perth on July 31, 2010."